5 min with Suzi - about clients

5 min with Suzi - about clients

Today I want to tell you more about my clients.

Around 50% of my clients are in relationships (some of them are married and have kids and some of them have girlfriends). Most of these 50% are marred rather just with girlfriends. And there is simple explanation for this statistics. Usually when you are married it's means that man are together with women for more then 3-5 years. By this time there already been some challenges in relationship, like small kids, some coldness in bed. When men is just relationships and not married yet it's means that these relationships are still quite fresh. Only in cases where couples by some reason even after 5 years not getting married and staying in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship (maybe don't want to put it officially) these men's are visiting our service.

As much as I have spoken with these men's about reasons for visiting Escort service, answer was almost same - coldness between these couples and man after some time is looking for some fresh emotions. Obviously if this man is in relationship she not always can afford for him "Mistress" because it's anyway relationships. But now instead of one he will have two... Escort service is better in this - you can see each time new girl, have really nice time without taking girl to restaurant, movie or shopping, by end having guarantied sex and after this one hour get away from there and there is no other reasons to worry or think about. You can have it when you need it and no need to worried about calls or SMS from your mistress late evening, her need for man attention or anything else.

Maybe if I would be in serious relationships I would be shocked about this, but if you switch off your emotion all this sounds quite logical and reasonable. 



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