How can I impress a Companion?

First Impressions Count

Let's say that you are on a date with an absolutely gorgeous escort. You have taken your time to scope out the Gallery and pick a sexy companion that suits all of your personal preferences (and more). Better still, she has listed all of her sexual services for you and you know exactly how you are going to woo her when you return to the hotel room. But really, do you actually know what will truly sweep her off her feet?

It is one thing to meet up with a stunning companion, but it takes quite a bit more to impress her. After all, she is a normal woman and wants to be treated like a beautiful Queen. Here are some tips to make sure your date is a memorable experience for her, as well as yourself.

Pay then Play

One of the worst things that you can do to an Escort is fail to pay her before your encounter begins. Remember that at the end of the day, your companion is running a business and you should respect that. Don't ruin the ambience of date by trying to create an excuse to pay her later. It can make the experience extremely awkward. Even if you do not commit to the full-time slot, you should have enough respect to pay your companion her expected amount, especially if she has booked a hotel room or made a reservation at a dating venue. An Anonymous Escort, on YourTango, made it clear that

"When it comes to cutting an appointment short, my policy is if the reason isn't my fault, I shouldn't be punished financially."

Remember that you are a gentleman and that you have made an agreement with a businesswoman. That is why it is your duty to honour the agreement and pay what is owed. It is not fair to allow your escort to lose out because of your own personal issues. Remain courteous to your companion and present her with the money that she is owed.

Remain Respectful

It is important to remain kind and respectful throughout your date. Whilst some people may assume this naturally, you have to remember that you are meeting with another human being. Your London Escort will have her own interests, personality and dreams. That is why it is essential that you remain kind and considerate throughout your encounter. Treat them like another human being and you will find in return they are happy to get to know you and spend time with you. Something that is extremely small and simple can end up being extremely effective when it comes to getting to know your date.

Personal Hygiene

Another way you can impress your escort is honestly by just maintaining your general hygiene. Through a few showers and a little manscaping, as well as the odd dash of cologne, you will find that your Escort will happily cuddle up close against you.

No woman likes to be near a man who smells bad or does not know how to personally groom themselves. Keep in mind that most women are extremely fashion conscious and do their best to maintain their own hygiene. This is why it is naturally expected that you will do the same.

A date is naturally a very special occasion for potential partners. By dressing up, you are showing that you are taking your date very seriously and are actually excited to meet up. You have put effort into your appearance, therefore you are ready to put effort into the date. Your Escort will truly appreciate the amount of effort you have taken to groom yourself. You can even indulge in a brand new outfit to mark the occasion. For what woman can resist a man in a smart casual outfit? Just a well-fitted shirt, black trousers, jacket and shoes are enough to show that a man is ready to enjoy his date.

Pick an Appropriate Venue

The Venue you choose for your date will ultimately reflect on your own interests and how "classy" your date may see you as. If you really want to impress your date, then you will want to take her out to only the best of venues. Keep in mind that "the best" does not necessarily mean expensive. Take some time to look up the best dining venues in your city. If a restaurant has a good atmosphere, menu and fantastic reviews, then it clearly is the best place for both you and your escort. The more effort you put into your date, the happier your Escort will feel getting to know you. Try and choose a public place as you are getting to know each other. As you can indulge in the privacy of a hotel room later on during your evening.

The Perfect Gift

Whilst you should not be overspending and lavishing your Escort in gifts. There is nothing wrong with the occasional bunch of flowers, chocolates or token of your affection, you do not want to go overboard and embarrass your date. Your Escort is here to entertain you for the night and truly just wants to get to know you. Whilst you are paying for her time, keep your romantic gestures and gifts subtle. That way she can focus fully on you and not get distracted or overwhelmed by your generosity.

You can achieve the perfect date

When you book a London Escort then it is important to remember that you are meeting up with a young lady. She might be an escort, but at the end of the day, she is a normal woman. She wants to be treated just as any other woman should be treated by their partners. Keep kind and polite to her and simply indulge in the conversations. The more you act like yourself the more likely she will feel more comfortable with you. That way you can truly enjoy your time together and relax.

Happy Dating



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