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For a long time, I had heard about the elegance and classiness that most London escorts naturally display. Actually, most of my friends or acquaintances all have kinds words for the escorts they have met in London; some talk of their stunning looks, others of their petite figures, while others still find their intelligence and company irresistible. Armed with these opinions, I decided to find out for myself. Being a long Easter holiday, I decided that the best way to spend it would have been to be in the company of a pretty London escort. And so I set out into the city to find my perfect woman!

Now that we're in the age of the internet, it has become very easy not just to pick up a London escort but also to compare several different girls before picking the best. It goes without saying that I didn't struggle much in my quest. I quickly searched for some of the top escort agencies around London, and picked one that appeared to have recent photos of their girls. One of the escorts instantly caught my eye; she looked young, shy, laid back - everything any guy would want in a typical girlfriend. Her name was Sophie. And while the page was full of escorts, some showing their killer curves and busty chests, shy Sophie struck me as decent and almost mysterious, in a way! I quickly emailed the agency with my request for a hook up and left my contact details. Well, you can imagine my excitement between the time I sent the email, and sat back on my bed eagerly waiting for a response, constantly refreshing my inboxes hoping for a reply. Then my phone rang. A new number. A feminine voice. The moment she said she was Sophie I quickly took over the conversation and wanted to know her availability. Oh, come on boy, you should have informed me earlier if you wanted to take me out, she teased me when I suggested that we meet ASAP! But being a long Easter holiday, she said she would have time to meet me in the next 3 hours at a popular London coffee shop. And so a deal was struck.

At exactly 4.30 pm, I was at the coffee shop, excited but also tense; would she disappoint? Was she for real? I had heard of instances where escorts used fake photos to woo clients, only for one to turn up for a date and realize that she isn’t as hot as she made you believe. But I kicked the thoughts off my mind; Sophie was as real as they come, I consoled myself. And before long, she showed up! Dressed in a black, nicely-fitting dress and matching shoes, Sophie strode into the restaurant’s lobby and headed straight to where I sat. The shy smile on her face, her striking looks and perfect figure as she strode towards me; most men momentarily ogled at her and for a moment, I felt like the luckiest guy alive. Literally. Like the gentlemen I was raised to be, I stood up and stretched my hand to greet her. The moment I clasped her hand in mine and made eye contact, I felt my mouth get dry. All the pickup lines I had practiced evaporated; all I managed was a smile. I gently kissed her hand, and resumed my seat. I could tell she liked that gesture; any girl would love to have her man hold her hand in public, kiss her it gently, etc.

Over coffee, we just spoke and conversed about everything and nothing. Oh, you love movies? No, I don’t, I rather prefer Yoga. No, I graduated last year and I’m working as a part time model. Yes, you’re the first London babe I have met, and I like your company. So our conversation went on, as we got to know more about each other. The more we spoke, the closer we felt. The freer we felt. By 7pm, we were so comfortable around the other that we even held hands as we exited the coffee shop. We headed to a bar across the street for some drinks, and a dance. For the first time, I got to kiss Sophie on the dance floor. I’m not sure how it happened, or why I even did it. I just found myself pulling her close as we danced to Elton John. The moment I planted that gentle kiss on her lips and felt her lean closer to my chest, I knew there and then that she was mine for the night.

After such a romantic first date, followed by a dance at the bar where I got to kiss her for the first time; it was just a matter of time before we headed to my place together. I was so excited seeing us get into my apartment, lock the door behind us, and have sweet Sophie all to myself. Shy Sophie would still not look directly into my eyes; I could tell she was blushing and I found this to be such a turn on. By the times the lights went off and we got to bed, I was desperate. Desperate to have Sophie. Her soft skin against mine, her soft, silky hair, her lovely lavender body perfume; I hungrily turned to her, held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. She moaned and shifted her weight to the center of the bed so I could be on top. Kissing her lips, neck, cleavage, down to her tummy, I could not help but notice how she moaned and whined, even spreading her legs apart to woo me down further. And just as I thought that she was so lost in it, we changed positions and Sophie sat on my face. It was an experience I never had before, a fantasy I had shared with her earlier in our coffee date. I had only heard of face-sitting from my friends and tonight, Sophie had just made it a reality! I let my tongue explore her, feeling her soft thighs grasp my face like a solid clamp. My hands were simultaneously fondling her upper body. Then a hot flush on my face as Sophie exploded right there on my face! She shrieked and grabbed my hair tight and at that moment, I wrestled her to bed and got on top of her. It was incredible, explosive lovemaking like I had never experienced!

Sophie and I spent the entire weekend together; we’ve met twice again afterwards. Indeed, I now know why London escorts are so popular.



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