More about London Escorts business

More about London Escorts business

As many of my stories will be about situations at work, probably I need to tell more about the London Escorts business (don't know about Escort services in other countries but it's probably quite similar). I guess that many of you don't even know how this works, maybe some of you have already used Escort service, maybe even in London. But it will be easier to understand my posts if I tell you more about this business.

In London, there are many Escort Agencies that provide this type of "Dating" service. All of them work with online websites and you can easily just Google "London Escort" or "London Escort Models" to find all of them. So.... The client opens a website and chooses a model that he would like to meet. All models have different prices. 6 years ago when I started prices were lower (you could have a very nice model for 100-150 GBP) but as everyone knows inflation took place and now it's difficult to find a nice model even for 200 GBP per hour. Top-class escort models or even High-Class escort models take from 350 GBP/h and up to 1000 GBP/h. It all depends on class and price.

When a client finds what he likes and can afford, he can make a booking in 3 ways: call the agency and make an appointment, text on WhatsApp, or (if he is shy) use the "Booking" page to make an appointment online.

There are 2 types of bookings called "Incall escort" and "Outcall escort". Incall - it's when the client visits the model in her apartment and outcall - it's when the model visits the client in his place (can he apartment or hotel). Prices for Incall and outcall are different.

Also, the client has the possibility to book the model for a "Dinner date" (I wrote yesterday what it is) or "Overnight" - it's when the model stays with the client all night/day (for 8 hours).

Rich clients also can book models for longer trips - go with them for vacation, for example, to Paris, and Dubai. It's very expensive and happens not often. For me, this type of booking in all these 6 years happened only once when a client took me with him for a 3-day trip to Monaco (to show his fancy friends who he is dating - like the Girlfriend experience when I pretend to be in lovely relationships with this man). I remember that on this Trip booking, he paid me for these 3 days (and nights) 10 000 GBP +tickets.



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