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When it comes to meeting an escort based in the city of London, the main thing that you need to know is that whilst she may look like an angel from above, in reality, she is actually a normal woman. Shocking, we know, but sometimes it can be extremely easy to be blinded by our escorts beauty, to the point where they are idolised, placed on a pedestal and not treated like a normal person. This can add a little tension to the date, which is certainly not what any of the beautiful ladies in our Gallery want.

Whilst some women do enjoy being admired for their beauty and gorgeous bodies, especially our delicious companions, research did show that people who are placed on a pedestal do tend to experience romantic and relationship dissatisfaction towards their potential/ romantic partner. For Jennifer Tomlinson, a psychologist from Colgate University, she noted that

“While it may be tempting to provide effusive praise, I think it’s also important to communicate understanding and validation of a person’s core identity.”

If you are looking to truly impress your beautiful date or lovely model, then you need to know how to create a balance between your romantic intentions and the actual socialisation of the date. Be sure to flatter her, but never take it so far as to make it feel forced or over the top. It is imperative that you just take a step back, relax and simply act natural. That way you both will be able to ease into your date without much effort.

Put Some Thought into your Date

Before you meet up with either your date or escort, it is important to think about the dating environment itself. Whilst you may be comfortable with a specific sort of venue, have you considered what she would be comfortable with?

Naturally, you want to put your date at ease from the moment you meet her, so be sure to pick an environment that will impress her but not put her out of her comfort zone. Consider what sort of woman she is. Does she enjoy high-class dining or would she prefer somewhere that is more cosy and relaxed? If you know a little about her personality before meeting up, choose a venue based on her interests. For example. if you know that she likes cooking, then you may want to consider a cooking class or just doing some cooking back at either of your homes.

The more thought you put into your date, her interests and what would seduce her, then the more likely that you and your lovely lady will truly enjoy the time you both spend together.

Humanise Her!

When you put so much thought into your date, it can be easy to make a mountain out of a molehill in regards to impressing your partner. However, there really is nothing to worry about. Remember, that the person you are meeting up with has her own thoughts and interests. She has traits that are positive, but others that could be considered to be flawed.

If you remember that your potential partner may be just as nervous as you on your date, then this may help put you at ease and assist you in relaxing. Just treat her like another human being and you will find that the conversation flows a lot easier than if you try to force it.

Surprises and Gifts

There is nothing more romantic than surprising your date with a rose, a box of chocolates or a genuine token of your affection. However, try not to be too zealous and shower her in gifts. This can make you look like you are trying to hard to impress her, or worse, look like you are trying to make up for something that you lack. Whilst this may not be the case, in reality, it can create a sour impression. So be sure to keep your gift-giving minimalistic. A small gesture of your affection is enough to bring out the romantic spark and keep the flame running throughout your date.

Conversation is Key

One of the worst things that can happen during a date is the emergence of the dreaded Awkward Silence. An Awkward Silence can be a sign that one of you have said something that has made the other uncomfortable, or that you just have run out of topics to talk about. This may show early hints that you and your date are just not clicking together. If you are nervous about this happening, then stick to simple and open-ended questions about herself and her life. The more information you learn about her, and vice-versa, the more likely that you will be able to bond over niche interests within your lives and personalities. Be sure to be an avid listener to what she says, but also keep an eye on whether or not she is giving you the time to speak as well. The date cannot be all about her. A conversation is like a seesaw, one person has to listen and the other speaks. However, without this balancing act, there will always be an awkward jolt of you and your date speaking over each other. Take your time and listen to each other. It is normal to have pre-date jitters and nerves, but if this means you take over the conversation constantly, this may show that you and your date just are struggling to connect.

Take it Easy with the Compliments

Like gifts, compliments are small tokens of affection that should be used sparingly. Whilst it is fine to compliment your date on their appearance a few times, should you try to insert any appearance-related flirtations throughout the date, this may wear on your date's nerves. After all, it will stilt the natural conversation flow of the date and make your compliments appear less genuine. The best time to compliment her is at the start of the date and potential near the end. Keep your compliments genuine and unique, for instance, if she is wearing a gorgeous dress or her makeup is perfect, be sure to comment on it. If you pick up on smaller things then your date will feel like you are truly paying attention to them, as well as to the effort they have put into their appearance to impress you.

Remain Affectionate

Although you should use compliments sparingly, that does not mean that you have to withhold them altogether. After all, you are on a date and you are fully expecting to feel the thrill of early blossoming romance. If you are after a way to make sure that your date always feels the soft touch of cupid's arrow, then be sure to be affectionate towards her once you have both started to bond. Start off with smaller gestures, such as a hug as a greeting (unless she is not comfortable with this), before building up to perhaps a game of footsie or hand-holding. Once the spark has been lit into a flame, that is when you may even want to consider more affectionate hugs and embraces, or even, if she is ready and is happy to do so, a tender kiss.

Remember to take things slow and only build up your affections if your date is comfortable to do so. There is no harm in asking her if she would like to hug you or hold your hand, but do not be offended if she does not want to do this. It takes time to form a trusting bond, thus if you are willing to wait for her to feel ready, then the affectionate gesture will feel more natural and romantic.

Public vs Private Time

If your date is going really well and you and your companion are becoming more intimate, then you may want to consider asking your date whether or not she wants to schedule in a little private time with you. Whilst for some, this immediately may make you think that you and your sexy companion should go to a hotel room, but private time does not need to always be about sex.

Say, for instance, you are in an overcrowded restaurant or bar but you and your date are bonding really well. It can really help if you and your lovely lady get away from the noise and go somewhere where you can sit together to gain a little privacy when it comes to your conversation. Whether your private area is a walk through a park or an al-fresco decking to a bar these sort of quiet areas are the best places to truly inspire intimacy between you and your partner. There you can ask private questions, indulge in a little erotic talk or even make plans of a more sexual nature. The choice is yours! Just be sure your partner is comfortable accompanying you before you ask to go somewhere a little more private.

Indulge and Enjoy!

The more natural you feel about the time you spend with your beautiful escort or your date, the happier you will feel overall about how the date has progressed. What your date expects from you is for you to just be yourself. She doesn't want to experience a robotic date that will simply hand her a bouquet of flowers and sit there in silence at the dinner table. Instead, she wants to know what makes you yourself.

So do not panic when you finally meet your date. Your venue does not have to be the swankiest and you do not need to buy your lovely date lots of gifts. Instead, she just wants to get to know you. Talk to her like a normal person and you will find that romance and intimacy will blossom naturally. Just do not rush things and you will be fine! Simply relax and enjoy the moment.



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