Story of Boyka

Story of Boyka

Good evening!

Do you remember my roommate Boyka? I published her photo a few days ago. Today I would like to tell you how we met.

4 months ago I went for a Party job (the client had his birthday and his friend booked for him few Escort models from different agencies). It was a nice apartment in Knightsbridge with many guys and around 5 girls. When I got there I straight away noticed a nice brunette. Hours went going, and we all had some nice drinks and started chatting. Boyka just arrived London in this was her 3rd job as a London Escort model. We started to talk about this job and she told me that she's working with Co-Agent, that takes from her each booking 50% commission and she lives in one bedroom apartment with 2 other girls. It's just terrible. For you to understand, for example, if she is sleeping and in the middle of the night some other girl gets booking, it means that she is waking up, going to the kitchen (because the living room is open and the client when coming inside can see this room) and sitting (or sleeping in chair) in kitchen. It sounded terrible to me.

I asked her why she was not changing Agency and apartment and Boyka told me that she was scared as this place was rented under the Co-Agent's name and if she went to work for another Agency she would be left on the street. And as this is only her 3rd job, she doesn't have any savings yet to get her own place.

By coincidence, my previous roommate went back to the Czech Republic 2 months ago and I was living alone in my nice 2 bedroom apartment. So I took this lovely girl under my protection. Take her away from that place, put her in my apartment, and introduce her Agency where I work. Now she has a lot of jobs, her price is much higher than it was before and we living together for almost 4 months. It is hard to have friends in this business but Boyka is definitely my friend and I think that we - London Escort Models - need to look after each other, otherwise, it's too dangerous out there...



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