What do you want out of an encounter with an escort?

Do you know what you want?

When you think about the London companionship industry, the first thing you may assume is that the clients who go to visit these women may be sexually depraved or are indulging in illegal practices. This is completely untrue and actually can spread a number of harmful stereotypes about the industry to those who have never been involved in the escorting trade.

Clients who come into the company of escorts in London usually have their own reasons for wanting to visit such beautiful women. However, it is important to understand that these reasons are completely individualised and are personal to each client. Before you decide to contact an escort agency in London, consider what the reasons are behind your own visit. You have taken your time to track down the perfect escort who can give you a "GFE", aka. a Girlfriend Experience, so there must be a reason why you are so attracted to her in the first place?

Here are some of the biggest reasons behind why you may be considering hiring a London escort.

The Freedom of Sexual Exploration

One of the main reasons why a patron may visit a 24 hour Escort is in relation to sexual freedom. Outside of impressing your escort with your own personal qualities, the last thing you want to be judged on is your sexual preference. Whether you are a woman trying out a same-sex relationship, a man interested in anal play or are just interested in exploring a fetish/ sexual fantasy, the escorts London provides can bring these acts to life.

There is no shame when it comes to sexuality. You should not feel ashamed or afraid when it comes to expressing your sexual interests. If you do not have the confidence to express them with a romantic partner, then you may want to take things slowly with an adult companion. Your Escort will have had an entire career of sexual experience, therefore will not judge you on where your interests lie. That means you can simply relax and enjoy expressing yourself alongside a beautiful woman.

An agency's reputation

If you have been on a fair few Adult Review websites, such as Punterlink, you may find that the agency girls have their profiles listed on them. When you see the best of reviews detailing the services that the companions provide, and how the clients enjoyed them, you may find yourself wanting to try out their services for yourself. The word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. The more praise an escort receives, the more it is that temptation will settle into wanting to try out her services for yourself.


No one likes being on their own. After you finish your university/college years, you may find that your dating potential slowly begins to dwindle. Your friends and romantic partners move away to pursue their own careers and lives. Before you know it, you have been hired by a company that works you so hard that you barely have any time to meet new people. With over 9 million people feeling lonely, it is not hard to imagine that quite a lot of these people try to find an escort to conquer these feelings.

It can be difficult to maintain a relationship with work and life commitments getting in the way. However, with a London escort, a date can be easy to schedule around your work hours. That means you can see a beautiful woman whenever you want without it interfering too heavily with your life. Once the date is over then that is it. Your escort will not harass or constantly contact you. Instead, you can simply live your life before returning to her for another meeting.

Personal Problems

Of Course, it is not just single men who go to visit London models. Instead, there is a range of people who feel like they need a spark reignited in their love lives. Whether these are married men or couples is irrelevant. What matters is that they are experiencing a problem with their current romantic endeavours and need it solved. This could range from a couple who want to experiment but are concerned that inviting a friend may cause jealousy issues, or perhaps it is a husband who is experiencing a lack of sex from his partner. The companion is there to soothe these issues and make the client feel better. Whilst they cannot solve the problems entirely, they can take the client's mind off them during the encounter.

Commitment Issues

Let's face it when it comes to romantic relationships, sometimes we just don't want to spend the rest of our lives with one person. This is what is known as "commitment phobia." According to PsychCentral,

"People with a commitment phobia long and want a long-term connection with another person, but their overwhelming anxiety prevents them from staying in any relationship for too long."

Some people may have learned these traits from family or perhaps just do not have an interest in a relationship outside of sex. That is why they are interested in contacting a London escort agency. They just do not have the time to mess around, or just do not want to make the mistake of committing when they know that they handle this. The last thing they want to do is hurt another partner. So instead, they decide to go for a relationship that can end once the paid hours have been completed. Adult Companions only communicate with their clients when arranging another date, therefore they have no fear about someone "clinging" to them once they go home.

Why are you visiting your favourite Escort?

At the end of the day, you are visiting a London Escort because you want to indulge in the company of a beautiful woman. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want to go on the date. None of them is abnormal. As long as you treat your companion with respect then there is nothing wrong with any of your romantic or sexual interests. So instead of worrying about what your escort will think of you, just relax and be yourself.

Have fun on your date!



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