Edgware Road Escorts

All pictures on this website are 100% real. We only blur some faces to preserve the privacy of the models.

Edgware Road escorts cover the north-west boundary area between many North London boroughs. Edgware Road used to be an old Roman Road and continues for 10 miles almost in a straight line, which you don’t often see in London, and is part of the more modern A5. There is certainly nothing straight-laced about our London escorts though, as you will see for yourself when you book one of them!

Our Edgware Road girls are far from straight-laced, these are some of the naughtiest girls we have! They love to be spanked, tied up, whipped, handcuffed and driven crazy with pleasure as you tease them and tell them off. Of course, you are more than welcome to let them do this to you instead, if you prefer.

With their roots in Roman times, Edgware Road escorts love to play the Greek goddess, but prefer to put a spin on this by wearing their favourite fetish clothes underneath. They will make you feel like a Roman Gladiator or warrior as they emerge in their virginal white flowing gowns, only to drive you into a frenzy as they reveal their whips and chains. Leather, latex, rubber and PVC feels so good to our Edgware Road girls, especially when it’s not expected and they can reveal their surprise to you!

They all have plenty of toys to play with, but they love it most when they get to play with you! Choose a toy from their box of dirty delights and they will play with it all night long, just for your pleasure, as you join them in their fun. Even better, why not let them blindfold you while they use their toys on you or themselves, as you try to guess what each one is? Our escorts never get bored of that game!

Whatever your pleasure, or dirtiest fantasy, you can be certain that our Edgware Road girls will satisfy your demands. Be prepared to be tied up and expect plenty of bondage action with these girls! Spanking, flogging, whipping, teasing, straddling and paddling is all second nature to our Edgware Road escorts.



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