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Marble Arch is one of London’s most famous landmarks. Designed in 1827 as one of the entrances to Buckingham Palace, close to the well-known balcony, it has since moved and now sits close to Oxford Street and Park Lane. Traditionally only the Royal Family, plus members of the Royal Horse Artillery are allowed to walk under the arch during ceremonies and processions.

London escorts from Marble Arch love to visit Buckingham Palace. They never get bored of the fine architecture and they are always amazed by the sheer size and grandeur of the palace – what they would do to get inside! Our Marble Arch girls just love to imagine what it must be like inside the palace, surrounded by all those expensive antiques and furniture. How they would love to spend a night in one of the palace beds with a member of the Royal Family! Our Marble Arch escorts would certainly provide plenty of entertainment – the Royals would never get bored!

Marble Arch escorts love to dress up in gold jewellery and pearls and pretend that they are a Royal for the day or night imagining that they can explore the palace, going from room to room as they tease and tantalise the Royals. They would service the Royals by being at their beck and call and doing whatever was asked of them, just for their pleasure – and so that they might be invited back for more!

Once they’ve had their fun inside the palace, our Marble Arch escorts would make their way outside and have some fun with the Queen’s guards. Those uniforms make our Marble Arch girls really hot, they’d love nothing better than to watch the guards stand to attention!

Our Marble Arch escorts would love to know what goes on inside the walls of the palace. If our Marble Arch girls were the Queen they’d get frisky with the King as they swung from the chandeliers and tied each other to the four poster beds. Or maybe they’d treat the Princes to some decadent, indecent proposals, or maybe they’d get involved in a Royal orgy and really show those Royals how to party!



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