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All pictures on this website are 100% real. We only blur some faces to preserve the privacy of the models.

Queensway, which used to be called Queen’s Road, is a busy cosmopolitan area in west London. It has many restaurants, high street shops, pubs and letting agents. Originally called Black Lion Lane, it was renamed Queen’s Road after Queen Victoria, who was born at Kensington Palace nearby. However, its name was later changed to Queensway to make it more distinctive.

It has a large shopping centre and market and the street is also home to London’s biggest ice rink, named Queens Ice & Bowl. It has become a very popular area for the entertainment and leisure industry, which is great as our London escorts always have lots to keep then entertained.

If you feel like being entertained, then let our Queensway escorts entertain you for the night. They will show you a great time and will make you feel like a King for the night, if you let them! If a night out is what you fancy, then perhaps you could take our Queensway girls to one of the Chinese, Arab or Mediterranean restaurants close by for a bite to eat, followed by some fun at the ice rink.

Our Queensway escorts are great skaters, they practice all the time. They are so flexible and love to perform many acrobatic moves – both on and off the ice! When they get to wear their tight, revealing Lycra, or their ridiculously short skirts, our Queensway girls are in their element and will entertain you for hours and hours! Watch them spin and twirl, as they excite you with their moves, leaving you breathless and gasping for more.

If a night in with one of our Queensway escorts is what you really want, then make them feel like a Queen, by giving them the gift of ice! They just love the feel of ice cubes melting on their hot, sexy bodies, as you watch the ice melt and trickle down their breasts. You will be in for a real treat if they have any of their favourite popsicles left – watch these melt inside our Queensway girls and you’ll want to try every flavour!



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