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All pictures on this website are 100% real. We only blur some faces to preserve the privacy of the models.

In South Kensington our London escorts can always find lots to do and see. With many places to visit such as the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, as well as the Royal Albert Hall, there is plenty to do and see in this part of London. This area houses some of the most exclusive property in the World and is home to many American, European and Middle-Eastern citizens.

Our South Kensington girls know that the area also has a very substantial French presence, which they love. They also love to mingle with the many different citizens and enjoy talking dirty in many different languages.

Some of our South Kensington escorts love to be taken to the French cinema to learn a few more naughty words and enjoy some of the sexy films that are shown late at night. They will often wear their sexiest French underwear, so that they can enjoy pleasuring themselves during the films when nobody is looking.

They also love to wear their naughtiest French maid outfits – don’t worry they will only wear the classiest ones available. Handmade in France from real silk and French lace, the outfits are as elite as our South Kensington girls. If you book two or more of our South Kensington escorts you will get to see for yourself how much they love to clean. Not only will they clean the room from top to bottom they will also clean each other! Tickling each other with their feather dusters and polishing everything in sight is their speciality!

Whether you would prefer to go to the cinema, a museum or stay indoors is entirely up to you, but wherever you choose to take our South Kensington escorts you can be sure to have a great time with them. Just let them treat you to their favourite pastimes and you will soon be coming back for more. Our South Kensington girls know exactly how to please you and entertain you wherever you are from. Show them the size of your property and they will show you things that you will never forget!

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